I’ve browsed your portfolio, love your work, and would love to work together. What’s my first step?
After you’ve browsed my portfolio to make sure my design style is compatible with your needs and wants, you’ll want to submit a Potential Client Survey to receive a quote.

I’d love to schedule a time to chat over the phone. How do I schedule a time?
You bet! After you’ve completed the Potential Design Survey we can most definitely schedule a call. Please indicate in your survey that you would like to do so, and we’ll get something scheduled! If you’re a previous client and you need to chat, I’m available if you schedule a call with me first!

I’m a previous client and would like to have some work done on my site. What’s this process like?
I charge by the hour for all maintenance type work for previous clients unless it’s something I have a set price for (Business cards, facebook page, etc.). My hourly fee is $100 and anytime you book a spot, there will be a half hour min. charge, so be sure you provide me with at least 30 min worth of work. ALL maintenance work is scheduled on Fridays and is not done during the week. Please provide ample notice if you have a time sensitive project.

Do you provide support for your child themes?
Yes.  Please visit the support page for more info.

I need some work done on a design that Restored316 didn’t design. Do you offer this service?
At this time, I do not offer this service. I only offer maintenance and other services to clients who have a custom design done by Restored 316.

I have my design already done but need to get it developed. Do you offer this service?
At this time, I do not. I’m first and foremost a designer, and the development I do is only for my own designs.

I purchased a Genesis child theme but need help installing it and making it my own. Do you offer this service?
I will not simply install your theme as is. I do offer a custom service where you are able to choose any theme you’d like, and I’ll customize it with your colors, logo, etc. This fee starts at $800.

I see you are currently not accepting new custom projects. When will you begin booking again?
I will begin booking again once my current waiting list is caught up with. My waiting list is usually booked out about 3-4 months at a time so this depends on where I am in the current group of clients on the list. If you’d like to be notified, be sure to sign up for my newsletter!