When starting a new website or blog there are so many resources you need to know about to help you have a successful site as well as simply getting started with your new venture! Here are some of my favorite links that I hope will help you find your way, or at least inspire you!

This site runs on:
Genesis Framework for WordPress

WordPress Blog Hosting:

  • Bluehost- My number 1 recommendation for WordPress hosting unless you have a very large readership. This site is hosted through Bluehost.
  • Hostmonster- Another great hosting provider that is equal to the one above.
  • Synthesis- If you’re using the Genesis framework, this hosting rocks! They offer specific support to WordPress and Genesis and they know their stuff.

E-commerce Website Hosting:

  • Shoppe Pro- I’ve worked with Shoppe Pro since the moment I began this business and I’ve never once been disappointed! Their team is amazing and offer wonderful customer support. All my e-commerce websites are done using Shoppe Pro.

Printing Services

  • Moo- An amazing print company best known for their Mini and Luxe Cards. I’ve used them myself over and over again and have yet to be disappointed!
  • Vistaprint- The most popular print company out there!! Great for ordering large quantities of materials.
  • Custom Couture Label Company- This company offers hangtags and clothing labels for those companies in need of those items.

Stock Photography and Color Inspiration

  • iStock has tons of royalty free photographs and vector artwork that you can use on your site!  A great resources used by all designers!
  • ColourLovers- Be prepared to get lost in this site as it has thousands (millions?) of color schemes to choose from!  Along with allowing you to create your own!
  • Design-Seeds- One of my favorite color scheme sites!  I am best inspired by images, so this site pulls color schemes from some amazing photographs!

Newsletter Services

  • Mailchimp- A great free (for up to 2000 subscribers) newsletter service!  I use them personally for all my newsletters and they’re great!
  • Constant Contact- Another great newsletter service.  This one is a bit more robust than mailchimp and does have a monthly fee.

SEO Services

  • I’ve recommended both these ladies to lots of my ecommerce clients and they’ve both been great!!  I would only recommend these ladies for my ecommerce websites!  There are other resources for WordPress.
  • read above
  • Great SEO and other services for all my WordPress clients.

Photo Editing Services

  • Picmonkey- a great online photo editing tool for resizing images.
  • Photobucket- an online photo storage site.  If you have a WordPress site, you can store images on your own server, so a service like this may not be necessary.
  • Flickr- an online photo storage site and a great source of photo inspiration.  If you have a WordPress site, you can store images on your own server, so a service like this may not be necessary.

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which mean if you sign up for their services or purchase their product, I will get a ‘commission’ for the sale. With that said, I only list items here that I’ve personally used and love and feel that you should know about!!